Founded in 2006 by Two IITians who quit their high-paying jobs, has come a long way. In this journey of 15 years, they have transitioned from an aggregator to a marketplace to an online travel agency now.

In these 15 years, multiple things have changed-business models, products, people, and a lot of other things. However, they still have not changed two pillars of their value system-empathy and making the most out of the moment.

In this article, we will take you through few examples of how Ixigo excels at capturing the moment and being empathetic.

Aapda mai Avsar (Opportunity…

At ABC Corp. (name changed), we were heavily dependent on paid acquisition to drive the demand side of our marketplace. In this blog, I will share how we brought down the CPL from almost 150 Rs to about 90 Rs on our paid acquisition channels.

Before we go into the details, I will give some context which will then help us to understand the overall approach better.

Company context

ABC Co. is a Marketplace for the B2B Services category. Initially, the focus was on 4 main categories Design, Content, Web Development, and Digital marketing. …

When I joined my second organization ever, my boss entrusted me to do the PR for his super early-stage startup. Essentially, the goal was to get at least once in news in a week.

Initially, we planned to onboard a PR agency and it seemed like it can happen. But then, COVID happened and to be conservative with the finance, we decided to ditch the plan of onboarding a PR agency. We never revisited the goal of 1 coverage per week, but we wanted to be frequent on PR.

In the last 8 months, we have been in news 10…

At ABC Corp (Name changed), all our lead generation happens online. Since most of our lead generation was happening through Paid media, it was very essential for us to increase our conversion rate so that we could improve the RoI of our paid campaigns.

One category which we were serving was Logo design. The logo design category has high demand and very high competition. From someone like Wix etc. who makes online logos to a freelance designer with a laptop in Kanpur, the range of our competitors was very broad.

Here we are, a marketplace, trying to generate more leads…

Guest blogs form a very important part of the Digital marketing strategy for a company. There is a big debate on whether it really helps for off-page SEO or not considering the elusion around the Google Search Algorithm.

Nevertheless, a backlink from a High Doman Website should be helpful for your website not only for SEO but in some way for the brand and spreading its word.

When I joined my previous organization, the founder asked me to generate backlinks through Guest posting. With no experience at all, I was pretty puzzled about how to go about this.

However, in…

2020 will be a year to remember for most of mankind, thanks to COVID19.

The tiny tiny virus made us realize that we are even smaller entities in the universe’s scheme of things. It probably made us go back to things that we had taken for granted. From something as ignored as the value of freedom (read lockdown, curfews, curbs) to something as transactional as the availability of food, water, and livelihood.

To me personally, it was more than COVID19. I left an organization after 12 long years. …

Jio’s twitter was on fire yesterday yet again. This time not for a funding news in the lockdown, but for a different reason altogether. This time for supposedly “Copying” zoom (The online meeting software). It seems they have copied screen by screen and string by string in their application , a lot of people have been vocal about this and criticised Jio directly or sarcastically.

A large chunk of people have also been applauding this is as a great marketing and PR strategy by the Man Mukesh Ambani. Here is my take on this:

  1. With the kind of Brand Reliance…

Off shore development is a common phenomenon in the IT Industry since quite some time now. Popularly known as “Outsourcing”, Off shore development is only getting more widespread then ever before. It is estimated that the global market size of outsourcing Industry in 2019 was 92.5 Billion US Dollars (A whopping increase of 8% as compared to 2018. (Source: Statista)

Initially started as a cost saving instrument by most companies in the West, off shore development now offers multiple other advantages and opens an organization to skilled talent across the world

As more companies across the world are now contemplating…

First of all congratulations that you have taken a decision to start your own business now. It surely is an important milestone of your professional career and you would like to make the most out of this decision. But before you jump the gun, it is important for you to get an idea of what lies in store for you ahead. It could be the steps you need to take to start the business , the challenges ahead and what are the important items you need to take care of.

Below is a quick list of items, which you might…

As a trainer, there is a decent possibility that the people you are training might be senior to you in age. And there is a large possibility, they will be the master of their trade so they would know the trade more than you in any case.

In such cases, it is important to for the trainer to understand that this is common and I suggest the following things to go about it:

Be confident of your skill or the craft

Reflect on the whole selection process. You might have gone through multiple rounds of screening in terms of profile…

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Growth Marketer

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